TEC1-12706 Thermoelectric Cooler Peltier Module

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tec1-12706 Thermoelectric Cooler Peltier Module 12V, 06Amp is ideal for all surface cooling purpose. Peilter Module is known as thermoelectric cooler peltier is available in different models.

Model: TEC1-12706 
Size: 40 x 40 x 3.8mm (L*W*H) 
Voltage: 12VCD 
Umax(V): 15.2VDC. 
Imax(A): 06Amp. 
QMax(W): 60W 
Color: Main white 
Maximum Operating Temperature: 55~85 degree 
Power Cord Length: Approx. 100-300mm

Usage: Use suitable heat sink, fan and power on the module. Use a good quality heat sink (such as 500gram or 105x105x40mm) with thermal paste. Use a Switch mode Power Supply 12V DC to power the Peilter module, observe polarity when powering the module.

How to Install TEC1-12706 step by step

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Additional information

Weight 40 g
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 3.8 mm

4 reviews for TEC1-12706 Thermoelectric Cooler Peltier Module

  1. vishvas prajapati (verified owner)

    Very good supplier, Nice item supplied.

  2. Jay Patel

    Next day delivery & nice peltier module.

  3. Karthighai Selvan (verified owner)

    high quality module receive from seller.. thanks

  4. Vimal

    m purchase peltier many site but they work very poor. But in this site patel magnet are available good module and cost are very low. Thanks patel magnet

    • Prakash Patel

      thanks for your feedback..
      Actually other website are just seller..
      I give consultation of peilter module and neodymium magnets project so I buy all materials from manufacture.
      Also I buy in bulk to reduce price and before I dispatch order parcel we check quality then after we send to customer where all customer get smooth txn.

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