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25 x 25mm Neodymium Magnet – Strong Cylinder

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25 x 25mm Neodymium Magnet – Strong Cylinder

  • Dimensions: 25mm dia. x 25mm thick.,
  • Shape: Cylinder/Disc
  • tolerance: +/- 0.3mm
  • Magnets Type; Neodymium magnets, NdFeB magnets, Rare Earth Magnets
  • Plating /Coating: Ni-Cu-Ni (Nickel)
  • Magnetization Direction: Axial(Poles on Flat Ends)
  • Max Operating Temp: 176ºF (80ºC)
  • Ages:7+ ages, both for kids and adults
  • Net Weight: 92 gram

Grade: N35

  • Model: C-25-25-N35
  • Surface Gauss : 4980 approx.
  • Pulling Force: approx. 17.0 kg approx.

Grade: N42

  • Model: C-25-25-N42
  • Surface Gauss : 5364 approx.
  • Pulling Force: approx. 20,4 kg approx.

Grade: N52

  • Model: C-25-25-N52
  • Surface Gauss : 6160 approx.
  • Pulling Force: approx. 22 kg approx.

25mm Neodymium Magnets  are incredibly powerful and should only be handled by people experienced with the power of neodymium magnet 25mm.

it is very strong and must be handled with caution. Don’t let the small stature of this disc fool you, it is a monster and can pinch very hard.

9 reviews for 25 x 25mm Neodymium Magnet – Strong Cylinder

  1. Mr. Mercury (verified owner)

    These magnets are insanely powerful and totally legit. Love this store and the services.
    The best storebi found to buy magnets

  2. Abhay Sharma (verified owner)

    Fantastic magnet for all school projects. Very powerful….very cheap…..full paisa vasool

  3. Sagar Kapadia (verified owner)

    Excellent service! Great value for money

  4. Dhirendra Garg (verified owner)

    Very good quality product

  5. Mohandas Krishnan (verified owner)

    Product is as per my wish and as projected by M/s Patel Magnets and it was delivered surprisingly fast !

  6. Vishal Lohia (verified owner)

    Same as shown in picture

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great packaging, rapid delivery

  8. Chandramouli Chakraborty (verified owner)

    Magnets are really good but should come with proper warning and more technical data on magnetic field strength and all.

  9. Chirag Jha (verified owner)

    I required magnets (25mmx25mm) for undertaking a study. I received my order through Blue Dart just on time on Monday morning before I was leaving for work. The magnets were up to specifications in terms of dimensions as well as surface Gauss value(0.6 Tesla). I had a very smooth purchase experience and was provided with genuine product.

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