Neodymium Ring Magnets

Most ring magnets and tube-shaped magnets are axially magnetized: North and south poles are located on the flat circular surfaces (“top and bottom”). The few diametrically magnetized ring magnet with poles “left and right” are specifically marked.

We can provide customized size & Customized magnetized on ring magnets like Radial, Multi-pole and Diameter ring magnets like following images

For Custom size and customize magnetized please do contact our sales team for more details.

This type of permanent magnet can be used in science projects like experiments, medical applications, cabinetry, water conditioning, loudspeakers and other commercial and industrial purposes. The higher permanence coefficient makes Neodymium magnets ideal for many applications.

Size: Outer Diameter x Inner Diameter x Thickness (OD x ID x T) or (OD x ID x H)

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Showing all 14 results