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Online Magnets India is eCommerce platform/website supplier in India so customers can buy one quantity to multiple quantities & various size in bulk. Rare Earth Magnets are strong magnets & special type of magnets. They are the world’s strong magnets and are composed of Neodymium, Iron, and Boron (NdFeB) elements.

Types of Neodymium Magnets

Cube Magnets

Peltier Module – Therelectrical Cooler Module

TEC1-12706 USATEC1-12709TEC1-12710

Heat Sink for Peltier Module

Aluminum Heat Sink (105 x 105 x 40mm) for Peilter Module Heat DissipationAluminum Heat Sink (240 x 105 x 40mm) for Peilter Module Heat DissipationAluminum Heat Sink (200 x 105 x 40mm) for Peilter Module Heat Dissipation
Aluminum Heat Exchanger RadiatorMASSCOOL Thermal Cooling Grease STARS-700Aluminium Water Cooling Heatsink

Type of Pot Magnet

A – Countersunk Neodymium Pot Magnets

B – Round CUP Pot Neodymium Magnets

C – External Thread neodymium Pot Magnets

D – Internal Thread stud Neodymium Pot Magnets

E – Neodymium Hook Magnets – Magnetic Hook Available

F – Eye bolt Magnet – Neodymium Eye bolt Magnets Available

G – BLACK Rubber round base with inside thread hole Neodymium POT-MAGNETS

H – BLACK Rubber round base with thread rod Neodymium POT-MAGNETS


Benefited of Buying Neodymium Magnets with Patel Magnets website are;

  • Maximum Size is available at e-Commerce Store
  • Fast Shipping with in 24-48 hours.
  • Combo Shipping Available – buy one or more size with single Freight Charges
  • Bulk Discount Available on website – Automatic discount will applicable
  • Secure Payment Gateway – CC Avenue, PayUmoney, Paytm
  • Cash on Delivery is available for India. Note: 100/- is Extra for Cash on Delivery – It’s Optional
  • Low Price, Best Service, Safe transition, Smooth ordering process, Fast Delivery & High-quality Guaranty
  • We can also custom size magnets like ARC magnets, Alnico Magnets, SmCo Magnets, Pot Magnets and Radially magnets etc..
  • We are dealing with Peltier Module, Heat sink Ardunio Sensor and Ardunio Boards
  • Fast Delivery 2-5 Working days in India

PATEL MAGNETS is eCommerce technology platform so buyers are able to enjoy a smooth, seamless, trusted and safe online neodymium magnets shopping experience.

We are One Stop Neodymium Magnets for Indian customers because we can customized neodymium magnets and also accept bulk order in wholesale price so customer are request to send offline Inquiry. more details contact us

77 thoughts on “Online Magnets India

  1. Hi
    Do you have counter sink magnets
    In 19 to 20 mm size.

    1. We have RING Magnets as followings;
      OD 20 x ID 3 x 3mm Thickness
      OD 25 x ID 5 x 6mm Thickness

  2. hi
    have you 22 x 17 x 5 mm size

  3. hi
    small square magnet 20 pic.

    plz contact me-7302468352

  4. 15mm×10mm neodymium round magnet price please 1000 pcs

    1. Kindly share me your address and phone details for 1000pcs subject neodymium magnets quote.

  5. Hi
    Do you have neodymium magnet in disc shape with the size that can be attached with AAA battery.

    1. AAA Battery Diameter is 10.5mm and length 44.5mm
      So you can go with Dia. 10 x 2mm thick. or Dia. 10 x 3mm thick or Dia. 12 x 2mm thick or Dia. 12 x 3mm thick

  6. Hi…
    I need 3×1.5mm n52 magnets atleast a 1000. You’ve mentioned 1.99rs per piece, what could be the least price that you go if i order 5k and what could be the price if i order 10k.
    Contact me through mail.

    1. Check again it’s N35

      price for 3 x 1.5mm N35 neodymium magnets is as followings;

      1K – 1.49/pcs
      2K – 1.39/pcs
      5K – 1.36/pcs
      10K – 1.29/pcs

      We have set bulk price on our website..

  7. Have you any neodymium magnets dimensions 13*3 or 12*3 also work ..

    1. We have D12 x 3mm Neodymium magnets N52 on stock.. here is link please go through and confirm payment.

  8. do u have n48 neodymium magnets 1/2″*1/8″?

  9. Hi,
    I need magnet in large quantity and in bigger size which can hold weight at least 5 kilo , so will you please send me some quotation.

    1. We suggest you our big size neodymium magnets 50 x 25 x 12.50 or Dia. 50 x 12.5mm magnets buy 1pcs for sample testing and ones it sold your purpose then you can ask me to quote for bulk qty.

  10. i want powerful magnet …

    1. buy 50 x 12mm neodymium magnets most powerful magnets from my store.

  11. I want ring magnet with inside one pole and outer side another pole with outer dia of 50 to 60 mm

    1. our ring magnets near size your requires is R-40-20H-10-N52 and R-39-5H-12.5-N52

  12. I want neodymium magnets of dia 6*5mm thk About 100-150 Pieces

      1. What is the Price for 500 Nos

        1. For Discount you can used Coupon Code: FLAT08

  13. Sir I require 100 neodium ring magnet size–od 100mm *id 60 mm*15mm(height) grade n52 please reply

  14. I need a ring magnet with atleast internal diameter of 20 mm. And a thickness of around 20mm. Is it available?

    1. We have Ring magnets OD 40mm x ID 20mm x 10mm thickness.

  15. Sir i required 150 neodymium magnets size12× 5MM cylinder type grade n52
    Please cote the rate

    1. We have Stock Diameter 12mm x 6mm thickness Neodymium Magnets N52

  16. super

  17. sir maganet ko ghar kese magvaaye

    1. you order we will send through courier.

  18. Do you have 8mmx8mmx4mm square neodymium magnets. Email with price to [email protected]

    1. I have 22×25 mm cylinder n52 grade neodimiyam magnet qty 150 nos pls send qte.

      1. We have 25 x 25mm Neodymium Magnets N52

  19. I want ring type neodymium magnet inner dia 1 inch outer dia 4 inch thickness 0.5 mm strenth of the magnet pull 3 kg per one piece.

    1. We don’t have your required size.. If you need to pull 3kg then we have power full magnets OD 39 x ID 5mm x 12.50mm thickness..

  20. I need natural magnet stone

    1. Sorry we don’t import natural magnet strone

  21. sir can we get neodymium magnets in 24 hrs in vyara,
    gujarat we need it before 28 th april 2017

    1. Order now and collect from my address tomorrow morning..

  22. Need 5×5 mm 1 mm thickness square sized magnet

    1. your required size is not available with our stock.. you can selected near size for your project..

  23. Do you have super strong neodymium magnets in 6mm X 2mm size?

    1. We have Dia. 6×1.5mm thick or Dia. 6x3mm thick on our online store.

  24. I need 5mm x 5mm x 2mm thikness neodymium magnet.

    1. We have 3x3x2mm and 5x5x5mm neodymium magnets on online store available.

  25. I am looking for 150 mm x 10 mm x 10 mm
    Bar magnets..
    Do you have this size.
    I need only 6 nos of them.
    Please quote.
    S Nagpal
    [email protected]

    1. Sorry we don’t have your required size on our store.

  26. can I get 5x5x2 size magnet

  27. regular required 8mm x 1.2 mm round shape magnet for paper board magnet boxes quantity apprrox 20000 pcs. per month

    1. We have Dia 8mm x 1.5mm (+- 0.5mm tolerance) Neodymium Disc Magnets price for 20000+pcs best price 1.80/pcs + 18% extra

      1. I want disc magnets having size of either 10 mm*0.4/0.5 mm and also 5 mm * 0.5/0.4 mm

        1. our minimum size 1.0mm thickness in neodymium magnets.

        2. We can supply 1mm thickness minimum in neodymium magnets

  28. I am looking for
    Dia 50 mm×50mm or
    Dia 50mm×40mm or
    Dia 50mm×30mm
    Neodymium Magnets
    Do you have this size.

    Please quote.

  29. We want 2buy 18 mm od 3 mm thickness 5 mm hole diameter neodymium ring magnet please contact 9830006048

  30. What is the pull force of your strongest disk and ring magnets? Will it ship to new delhi?

    1. 40kgs pulling power D50 x 12mm thickness.. 38kgs pulling power OD39 x ID5 x12.50mm Neodymium magnets.. we can ship worldwide..

  31. We need GN50.2-ND 16-M4 – Magnets

    1. We don’t get your part no.

    2. Can you give us size and grade then we can help you better..

  32. N42 magnet dimension are 40mm*20mm*12mm rate.and N52 magnet 50mm*35mm*10mm rate

    1. We don’t have both size in stock.. we can customize if your order qty. is more then 20pcs of each.

  33. Plez send rate with gst i will get to you after discuss

    1. Send us inquiry with your company details to get quote. Email id [email protected]

  34. I want n52 with 14/15 mm diameter magnet for magnet train project approximately 6mm to 10 mm length

  35. Neodymium magnet north south 20mm×4mm

  36. Need 2×2.5mm cylindrical neodymium magnet. Minimum requirement – 10k, contact number – 9540888866.

    1. Tomorrow before end of day we will send you quote to your Register email.

  37. We require 25*14*4 100 PC’s N52
    Price please

  38. I need 6*6*6 mm magnet 10 nos
    Contact no . 8939701959 Gajender Yadav

    1. 5*5*5 Magnets are available..

  39. i need 20 X 12 X 2 mm magnet in bulk qty on regular basis.
    what will be the price

    1. Kindly update me bulk qty. and your target price..?

  40. Hello,

    we are looking N55 magnets (N55 Neodymium standard with a wide operating temperature range ) more then 5000 Pieces , if quality of magnet is good , we can give more order. Please contact me asap.

    1. Kindly update your contact details or send your inquiry with details of your requirement to [email protected]

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