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Neodymium Magnets Custom Size to Worldwide

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We offer a small variety of stock neodymium magnets in sizes and shapes from our online shop.  We might even have something similar to what you are looking for!  Be sure to check our china factory stock for something similar first.

We supply custom magnets from china factory in many shapes, sizes, and grades of neodymium material. Email us and we will be happy to provide pricing for any magnet you may need that meets the size requirements listed below.  Please note that there is a $150 minimum order amount required per shape for custom magnets.

We will review your request within 1-2 working days.  If there are any questions or problems, we will let you know via email.

We will email a custom quote for each magnet shape/size/grade you are interested in.  Each custom magnet is identified with a unique part/quote number.

We do require a minimum order amount of $150 worth of magnets for custom magnet orders.  This limit applies to each each unique magnet shape/size/grade ordered.  Delivery requires up to 4-6 weeks after receipt of your order.

Sorry, we do not have a way of substantially reducing the lead time for custom magnets.  We aren’t able to offer quicker service, even with an expediting fee.

Please review the quote to ensure it matches your specifications.

also you can place an order for custom magnets per your quote.  You have to transfer 50% advance payment with purchase order to process.

We are not able to cancel or modify a custom magnet order after this process has begun.

When your magnets are completed and receive for dispatch, we will confirm you to process 50% reset payment to dispatch on shipping address and after receiving 50% reset amount we will ship them to you using the shipping address provided.

We have completed lot’s of custom order for industrial here above is proof of same.

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