External Thread Rubber Pot Magnet PME-H34 – Force 7.7kg

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External Thread Rubber Pot Magnet PME-H34 – Force 7.7kg

Model No.: PME-H34
Diameter D: Ø34mm 
pot height h: 8.0mm
Total Height H: 14.5mm 
Thread M: M4
Tolerance: ±0.3mm
Material: NdFeB Magnet
Coating: Rubber
Steel: Q235
Magnetized Grade: N35
Power Strength: 7.7 Kg
Max. Working Temperature: 60°C
Quantity: 1 Pieces
Delivery: 3-7 Working days
Net Weight: 26.0 gram

These rubberized pot magnets with threaded peg work great on delicate surfaces. The rubber coating not only protects from scratches but also increases the weight capacity in shear direction and makes them slip-resistant.

Compared to standard pot magnets without a rubber coating, these rubberized pot magnets are thinner and more unobtrusive. There is a steel plate under the rubber coating with 12 embedded magnets. They are arranged alternately with north and south pole facing up.

Please note that rubberized pot magnets become rusty when consistently used outdoors

Additional information

Weight 26 g
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 10 mm


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