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Neodymium Block Magnets

neodymium block magnets

Neodymium Block Magnets (Rectangle & Square)

Buy strong neodymium block magnets on-line today! carries a large inventory of neodymium block (rectangular and square) magnets, available in a wide range of sizes, shapes & grades not all of which are shown on this website.

Neodymium (Neo or NdFeb) magnets are permanent magnets, and part of the rare-earth magnet family. Neo block magnets have the highest magnetic properties, and are the most powerful, commercially available magnets today. Because of their magnetic strength, neodymium magnets are the preferred choice for many consumer, commercial and technical applications.

  • Common applications for neodymium block magnets include craft & model making projects, high-performance motors, jewelry clasps, audio equipment, POP displays, science projects, home improvement projects, hanging artwork & much more.
  • We also custom manufacture Neodymium block magnets to fit your exact specifications using our in-house manufacturing facilities and team of experienced engineers. Just let us know what you are looking for by sending us a request for quote or contact us today, and we’ll work with you to determine the most economical solution for your project.

These block magnets, like our other super magnets, are made of a special NdFeB alloy, which allows neodymium block magnets to achieve an extreme adhesive force of up to 200 kg. In our shop, you can find blocks with heights from 1 to 25 mm, which makes them very versatile. The blocks contain a protective nickel coating, some also leaf gilding, which makes them very attractive-looking.

  • Good price-performance ratio
  • For home & office, work & entertainment
  • Protective coating of nickel, to some extent additional leaf gilding, copper or epoxy resin
  • Special models available: countersunk, flat block magnets to glue on
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Pot Magnets India

Neodymium Pot Magnets, Pot magnets, Neodymium Pot magnets india, Pot magnets india

Pot Magnets India

pot magnets India are available at our eCommerce website we can supply you from one quantity to multiple quantities in bulk. Neodymium Magnets are strong magnets & special type of steel magnets. They are designed for clamping directly onto a steel surface; they are made from a large magnet encased within a steel shell. They are magnetic on one face only, creating a solid clamping force. However, they should not be used to attract other magnets or attract through a gap as they have a shallow depth of magnetic field.

magnets are supplier in India by Patel Magnets and have many advantages to buy from Patel Magnets website.. It can be supplied with a tapped hole, a countersunk hole, a counter-bored hole, a threaded stud or a threaded collar all for convenient mounting. They can also be supplied with hooks and eye bolt attachments, ideal for hanging a variety of items.

How does a neodymium pot magnet differ to a regular neodymium magnet?

Magnetism is confined to one face only, where it is concentrated to give the maximum holding force possible for the size of the magnet so they are more resistant to chipping and cracking as they are protected by their steel shell.

A – Pot Magnet or Countersunk Neodymium POT Magnet

are our sunk neodymium magnets in a steel pot and have a centered borehole and countersink. Hence, you can be screwed into the wall or ceiling with an appropriate countersunk screw and you can attach various objects.

ModelD (mm)D1 (mm)D2 (mm)H (mm)Thickness of Iron (mm)Force (kg)Net Weight (g)

B – Round CUP Pot Neodymium Magnets

are also known as round base magnets or cup magnets & even Pot magnets. They are made of neodymium permanent magnets assembled inside steel cups. Most of the round magnetic bases use neodymium rare earth magnets or ceramic magnets. The benefits of the cup magnets are strength and durability. The holding strength of the round base magnets is much more powerful than the magnets built in the same round base magnets since the magnetic circuit design. The steel cups protect the magnets from direct hit so to have a much longer service life.

C – External thread Pot Neodymium Magnets

is a strong neodymium disc built in a steel pot. Not only will the steel pot keep the magnet safe from damages but also the magnetic force is higher! Because of the steel there is only one side that can be attached. These magnets have a threaded rod that makes every mounting extremely easy! You can mount them using a hexagon nut for mounting. In this way you will be able to mount them directly to your machines or devices.


External thread pot magnets

ModelD (mm)M (mm)H2 (mm)H1 (mm)Thickness of Iron (mm)Force (kg)Net Weight (g)

D – Inside threaded rod Neodymium POT-MAGNETS 

is a strong neodymium disc built in a steel pot. Not only will the steel pot keep the magnet safe from damages but also the magnetic force is higher! Because of the steel there is only one side that can be attached. The optimal surfaces are steel and iron. These magnets have a threaded road, also known as tapped hole that can be used together with every kind of threaded / tapped screw.

buy Inside threaded pot magnets in India at best price

E – Inside threaded with hook POT MAGNETS 

F – Countersunk with eyelet hook POT MAGNETS 

G – BLACK Rubber round base with inside thread hole Neodymium POT-MAGNETS

H – BLACK Rubber round base with thread rod Neodymium POT-MAGNETS


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